Monday, 7 April 2008

perfect partner!

i am very badly organised at the moment, so it came as no surprise when i was running a wee bit late with the Easter Swap.

thankfully the lovely Lucy - super swap organiser extraordinaire had matched me with another lady who just happened to be running late also!

i am now pleased to announce that my parcel has arrived at its destination - here - and look at the goodies i have had in return x

i love this bunny
unfortunately the doglets have also developed quite a shine to him - they sit and look longingly at him.....

he arrived along with these wonderful treasures from the beach

and the most gorgeous card x

i am one lucky girl x
thank you so much Jenny.

this weekend has passed in a blur - we have had snow and sunshine, lots of good food, the most lovely dog walk which i will share with you tomorrow and plenty of sweet puppers moments x

my girls xxxxxx

and for those that have asked - here is a picture of little and large!!!!!
i will attempt to take a picture of all four together so you can see how enormous Ghillie McDog has become!!
the trouble is when they are awake they are all moving at speed!

i am contemplating a new camera after Gemma reported how good her new one is - so maybe i will be able to offer better quality images of the motley crew x

i have also been asked to share a little more of my home with you all - sadly the inside of this rented stone cottage is a sight for sore eyes - packing boxes everywhere - i would not want to shock any of you!
i do promise however to take you all on the journey of the new house with me xx

that's all for today

t x


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Gorgeous Bunny! I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap - and your pups look lovely!

Kitty said...

My goodness me ... how HUGE is Ghillie McDog? :-O

I recently got a new camera, and am loving it. Only a point and shoot because I wouldn't know what to do with anything else, but it is fun and easy to use.

The bunny you received, and the one you sent, are both lovely.

Take care. :-) x

prettyshabby said...

How gorgeous is that photo of your 3 girls! and we musn't forget Mr.handsome himself,Ghillie..he's grown so quickly!

Anonymous said...

Just been catching up with all your puppy news, Mabel is simply gorgeous!

trashalou said...

Ghillie McDog seems to have had a pillow collopse against his back.

Oh wait! Look! It's that wee new puppers snuggled up after an exhausting time puppying together!

Pipany said...

Morning Tracy - love the swap goodies. It's so lovely clicking onto your blog with that little cutie sitting at the top! Looking forward to seeing the new house xx

mollycupcakes said...

Gorgeous goodies and even more gorgeous photos of the girls and Ghillie.
Wow he's big.
Hope all is sorted with the new house hun.


Catherine x

Tracy's Mum said...

Love the photo's of the girl's,and Gillie is so scrummie.!Auntie Karen and Uncle Mick are very envious!!
The card reminds me of a Fairy Tale i use to watch called The Singing Ringing Tree,i was only about 10yrs,it was dubbed,poorly acted,but me and my sister's loved it.Auntie Karen managed to get me a copy for my Birthday,i just love it!!
happy spring time to you Allxxxx
Much love Mummyxxxxxxxxx

Poppy Black said...

Oh, how divine! I wish I could meet them in person, but they are as far away as can be without being in outer space :( . I can't believe that Ghillie is still just a baby. He and Mabel look like best friends already. Miss Dog wishes that she could come and play too. It must be chaos when they all race around the cottage, as I am sure they do at times. XXX
PS The senior whippies look like they are made of silver satin.

Ellie said...

Hi - just found your blog and had to say how much I've enjoyed reading it, not least because you've done what I'm hoping to do in a few months' time. I also have a lurcher that looks a lot like Ghillie (only not as big).
I'm looking forward to reading about how your house goes and how you find settling in up there.

Deb said...

How lovely is the photo of your 3 sweet girls! And Ghillie is getting so big. They are all so precious!

Katy said...

oh, look at the lovely girls!!! They are so beautiful!!!

Barbara said...

Lovely pics of your gorgeous dogs.

I have to say to tracy's mum: Oh I remember the singing ringing tree too. Terrified us though! Bx

Jenny said...

Glad that both our bunnies finally got to their new homes!!! It is funny that you say your dogs look at the bunny wanting to play with it as that is what my dog Kobi did too-always eying off the finished bits but was reallt interested when the whole thing was put together!!! Your photos of your doggies are beautiful:)
Look forward to keeping in touch

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!How adorabe is your little furry family!! We had a Russian Wolfhound for 10 years. she died this past summer. Now we have two yorki-poos. (we call them dorkipoos), I love whippets and havemoments of wishing I had some...for now I will enjoy watching yours.

Warm Regards,
Karen Eileen

GenerallyGemma said...

I don't think your pics of the family could possibly be improved on! :o)

Seriously though I am loving the new toy. I can heartily recomend it the more I use it the more I like it.

Gigibird said...

Stop collecting cute pets!
They are all so lovely.

julie said...

what wonderful swap goodies and such a cute bunny. It certainly looks like your doggies are all very happy together - wonderful that they've all got eachother for company and such a loving mum!