Wednesday, 23 January 2008

slowly healing

slowly, slowly.....
the bean is healing
a short walk and sniff of sea air was taken today, a peek at the ducks and chickens down the road and then straight back home for a healthy, hearty lunch

we know she is on the mend not just because the stitches look less red and swollen......
it is because she did a shorter version of her Ninja dance last night
mad, mad eyes - high pitch squeal that gets louder and then a smaller and slower leap at whatever toy it was that was about to meet an untimely end........

she would like to thank you all for her get well wishes, and promises to keep you updated with her progress and the state of her battle scar!

only fitting for a Ninja i guess

we are all on remedies at the moment, bean for the bruising and healing, me for the after shock, and even talulla is joining in.
you see - sadly talulla has been going through a difficult time
she is having a phantom pregnancy
the sort where it is not safe to leave any dirty washing on the floor as she will promptly gather up the clothing, announce that it is now her baby and promptly deposit it in her nest with her evergrowing collection of curiosities
she then chooses to cart the offending article of clothing around just at the moment the postman or delivery man arrives
not a great sight........

due to the lack of doggy walks and a Mr Afterburn to chat to, i have found myself at a little loss of things to do
of course, the house is messy and could do with a massive spruce
the washing pile is HUGE
stock is waiting to be photographed/ordered/made
letters to write
puppy to prepare for
but i just cannot seem to settle on a task
it is probably due to the fact that i am too worried to leave the bean alone in case she removes her stitches, or the ever helpful mummy talulla does it for her.....
she is having to wear an item of clothing all day which she seemed confused by at the beginning - now she has grown accustomed to wearing a polo neck to bed!
the picture above shows her stylish knit wear - the scruffy, badly sewn add on is to stop the torpedo noses of both girls from performing their own surgery
my defence for the bad sewing is the fact i have to do it whilst the bean is inside the item of clothing - not easy!!

so - the wellies are redundant
hence my new slippers are enjoying an outing
a Christmas gift from my mum x

........when i am not busy admiring my new slippers i have found the time to pop a few items in my long forgotten Etsy shop
a few handmade items and some trimmings so that others can conjure up some handmade delights x
i know Etsy is all about handmade - but i have purchased some lovely trim from America via it, so i thought i would join the trimming party
and it helps to have another outlet whilst my website is down and out (undergoing a re-vamp and repairs)
after all i need some extra pennies to pay for the collars, bed, toys and goodness knows what else for the new arrival

more news on the wee chap tomorrow

t x


Kitty said...

So pleased to hear Bean is on the mend. And lots of laughs at Tallulah and her phantom pregnancy. I'm not surprised you can't settle. Take care. x

Ragged Roses said...

So glad to see Bean is on the mend. I was going to recommend Rescue Remedy but see from the photos that you've got it already. Love the new banners and slippers. Just going to have a look at your Etsy now

mollycupcakes said...

Good news about Bean, we're very happy she's on the mend.
Great slippers hun.
And loving the ribbon, I've already placed on etsy order x
Do you have the flower one for sale in the photo?


Catherine x

Kristy said...

I am so glad that Bean is on the mend.My girls were very worried about her. xxx

driftwood said...

glad to see that bean is mending, take care of yourself, that rescue remedy is a good start! just off to check out those lovely looking trimmings.

periwinkle said...

Bless poor Bean.. she'll be back to running around in no time. Thank you so much for the comments on my Blog. Its hard to think of a name bit Ive always liked the colour of the blue periwinkle so thats what it became-- and you are never too old to lick the spoon. Even if you do it when no-one is looking
Love Lisa x

Pipany said...

Poor Tallulah. You are having a bad run of it at the moment Tracy. Sending lots of hugs your way. Oh and love the new look blog - that blue is so restful. And as for those slippers!!! xx

Primrose Hill said...

Glad to hear you're all on the mend :)

Take care,

L xx

Miles Away In France said...

I am so pleased that Bean is on the mend.

Racheal x

Anonymous said...

Poor Bean what a horrifying thing to happen and poor Tullah too. Hope both the girls are better beofre the little one arrives. We've had a bit of a rough start to the week with our menagerie too, one of the ex-battery hens has died quite unexpectedly and one of our cats has had to have an absess (war wound!) lanced. Hey ho!

trashalou said...

The slippers are Moshulu right? I have last winter's one. *sigh* I love my slippers.

Janice said...

So glad to hear Bean is feeling a little better. Poor baby. Love your slippers.

Rubyred said...

So glad to hear that Bean is
getting better,love her polo neck!
I know the feeling so well,having loads to do yet not being able to settle on a task!Love your slippers,very pretty!

Jane said...

Great news about Bean.
Our middle cat, Phoebe, in her youth would cart used knickers round - we had to warn house guests not to leave knickers on the floor after she paraded round the dinner table with one poor girls g string.
Lovely slippers

Dragonfly said...

Glad to see Bean getting better. Do boy dogs have phantom pregnancies? Barney does all those things too! I can't leave anything lying around!

blueberry hill said...

Oh bless, poor Bean....what a shock. And Talullah too...wee soul. Maybe she will be able to play mum to the new pup instead.
Glad you have those fab slippers to cheer you up - so gorgeous!!
Take it easy, glad you are over the worst of it all.
Annie x

Samantha said...

Poor Bean - glad to see that she's on the mend.


julie said...

Good to hear that Bean is getting better. You've had a right old time of it recently - here's wishing you some happy and easy times ahead. Love those slippers!

Jane said...

Glad to hear Bean is getting better, poor Tallulah. love the slippers. Jane x

Gigibird said...

Tallulah will be getting her own little puppy soon so she may get over collecting dirty washing.
Those slippers are gorgeous:)

Annie's Abode said...

I am so sorry to hear about poor Bean and I am glad that things are now getting better. Poor Tallulah and her phantom pregnancy - I always thing this is sad as there is no baby at the end of it!
Give them both cuddles.
Excitement all round at the prospect of the new puppy - lucky you.

Slippers are lovely.

Deb said...

so happy to hear that sweet little Bean{ xo }is on the mend. Could all this be why Tallulah is having "mothering pangs" ? :-}
Love the new colour scheme here and header pic.