Thursday, 3 January 2008

a little walk, a little craft.....

the last two days here have been so windy, no sign of snow - just wind!
we are still on our Christmas holiday - just sending out a few orders here and there, and enjoying a rest x

yesterday we ventured out to the beach via the harbour at the end of our road - normally it is like a mill pond with a few fishing boats bobbing gently around - the pictures i took were all a little out of focus (o.k - they were all rubbish!) and really do not show how high the waves were.
we watched with horror as a group of teenagers stood on the edge being sprayed with the waves - we did not stick around to see if they all made their way home.....

today was brighter and a little less windy, so a walk in the forest to wake us up was just perfect

a good couple of miles being surrounded by trees and the occasional carved sculpture

this is my favourite at the moment
happy sheep love!!

apart from good brisk walks i have done very little else, today i started to pack away a few Christmas decorations, not the tree - we leave that until the twelfth night, and have started to get the old cogs moving in my head for this years stock.

i hope to have a larger amount of craft work than mass produced on the website this year, work from fellow bloggers and new items from me x

see you all soon

t x


Andrea said...

I have to admit that it is a little of a strain trying to get back into "Work mode" isn't it! but I am quite looking forward to it, as it sounds that you are also.

Pipany said...

Feeling all inspired here after a break but need to focus (er not sure how!) Thank you for the lovely message on my blog Tracy. So looking forward to getting to know you more in 2008 xx

Kitty said...

I took the tree down yesterday - and started on my next craft project ... sock monkeys!

As usual your photos are lovely. x

dottycookie said...

I'm always stunned when people stand close to the edge of a stormy sea - mad.

Did the snow arrive? I've been hearing about it on the radio all day - we were supposed to get a little bit but it didnt arrived and the children are very sad.

Gigibird said...

Who has got all the snow?
If you don't have it and I certainly don't where is it?

Barbara said...

Your must do etc list is just fab and you're going to be very, very busy.
Our Leo came from the Cats Protection and now that our Milly is proving such a fab big sister I'm thinking that fostering is something we could do in this house. Some of the littlest kittens need two hourly feeding right round the clock - eek!
One of the fosterers here has a German Shepherd that acts as animal foster mum to these very littles and does the cleaning and cuddling that mum usually does. So sweet.

Jane said...

We've got all the snow - but it doesn't look like it will last so I'm taking a holiday this morning and going sledging.

Happy walking, crafting etc.

mollycupcakes said...

Hello honey, I was thinking of you all yesterday after seeing the news. So glad your not snowed in and are able to get out and about with the dogs. Here in Kent we had the smallest bit of snow, if you can call it that lol

I just love that flower brooch, it's beautiful, did you make it? and does it come in light pink with that gorgeous green background? Let me know.

New year hugs to everyone x
Catherine x

Hilda May said...

what beautiful the broach...oh and happy new yearx
Rachel x

Primrose Hill said...

Hey Tracy! Lots of snow here today, sledging this afternoon I think! Gregg is "working from home" so I think I'll have a buddy to play with!

Looking forward to meeting up next month! Exciting!

L x

Dragonfly said...

Love the happy sheep love!
No snow here either = one disappointed child!

Kathy said...

Hello, Your photos so inspire me, it looks lovely. Kathy

Liz said...

How do you keep your wellies so clean??

Liz said...

How do you keep your wellies so clean??