Friday, 18 January 2008

i name thee.........????

to be honest we are not sure..........
the new pup only knows he belongs to us by the fact that he has a fetching blue cat collar around his neck.

the pups have clearly discussed at great length the fact that in just over a week they will all be going to new homes
they are all hoping that they do not contain cats (ooops)
or worse still - rabbits that they cannot eat (ooops)
or worse still --- vegetarians (gulp)

but the main topic of conversation at the pups daily meeting has been the naming x
they have all voted and nobody wants to be stuck with the name Gavin......
or Brutus

at home.........

our girls have no idea that we are about to inflict a young boisterous boy on them

they are happy with the current additions to the household

and have space for only one boy in their hearts


the cats are remaining tight lipped about the whole situation - preferring to believe that we will get lost in the Highlands on the journey home from pup collecting
they then could be adopted by a nice family who hate dogs and eat fish for supper every night.....

as for Binks the rabbit
i have not told him that yet another Sighthound/bunnykiller is about to join us.....
best not to worry him until the actual day!

anyway - back to the new chap
what shall we call him?


please leave your suggestions on this post - so far i have a tiny list which has left poor Stephen feeling slightly anxious about what he will have to call out in the forest
please note he already has to shout Talulla and Bean!!

so far.........

Ghillie (after his Dad)
Elvis (this is the name that has caused a few raised eyebrows and a very large NO from Stephen - i will have to save it until i get a smaller dog!)

and that's it!

any suggestions gratefully received

we may visit puppers this weekend so i will test to see if he answers to Elvis.....

back soon

t x


Anonymous said...

How about Blue. Nice and simple.

Kitty said...

Elvis? :-O Everytime he went outside, you'd be able to say 'Elvis has left the building' - which would be fun.

How about a Scots name now you're up there? Jock? Angus? Fergus? Nab? Ramsey? Lundy? Logan? Dougal? McDog?

He looks so cute - I'm sure Tallulah and Bean will love him. In time. x

Deb said...

Oh I love the name Ghillie for your new pup ~ If we hadn't named our dog Bentley it would have been Beau Grayson (all our pets have middle names too) :-} and I still love the name Beau for a big dog.

Anonymous said...

He's such a cutie and what a lovely shade of blue - very fetching on him. I always wanted to name a dog Tuppence. Call me a silly Mary Poppins fan, but that's what I'd have named another dog if I could have.

Clang Clang said...

You have a bean, perhaps you need a Pod.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say Blue too, but another anonymous has beaten me to it!!! Stanley? Captain? Spike?
Gigibird's Neighbour.

The Devil Makes Work said...

I always think that 'Spanner' is a good name for a dog, or 'Ickabod' as in Ickabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow? .......OK just me then....He's gorgeous by the way.

Claire said...

I've always liked anuimals being named something a bit quirky - as he's a boy you could call him something like Derek or Kevin. I've always wanted a big fat ginger cat called Barry(as you can see i have an odd sense of humour...). You could always stick with traditional scottish and call him Wullie. Maybe I should go beofre I put people off commenting. I also like Elvis, but I am going now! x

Hilda May said...

like Ghillie also Gavin...lovely chap isn't he....big hug for Phillip too.
Rachel x

driftwood said...

what a hard decision, if you can't have Elvis could you have Presley?

Katie twinkles said...

following on from kitty how about Dogga or dogger or whatever it is. But then again that could have all the wrong connotations!! Oh dear. well, what about 'Gorgeous Darlin'

thats it.

Libbys Blog said...

I always like unusual names so I would plump for 'Charka'!

trashalou said...

McDog. Please make it McDog.

Samantha said...

Definitely Elvis! That has been on my dog list name for some time.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Please don't call him Elvis! Could he just never grow up and be called Puppers for ever? It may be Irish, but what about Fearghal or Fergus perhaps?

Maybe Philip should choose?

Sue x

Minnie said...

Our pets have middle names, too. My dear departed German Shep was called BoBo Didley (Bo for short) and he was such an angel. We have a black bitch named Cilla:O) And most people don't get it!

He's such a sweetiepie, your young boy. You'll no doubt give him the right name. Dad Ghillie, Mum my 9 yo daughter says call him Bart!!!! lol I'd go for Willie..or Braveheart.

the timms family said...







Kat-in-a-flap. said...

I'm gonna stick my neck out here .....and say......Duke !!!!
Well.....I wanted to say Genesis cos here is there at the beginning of your new life....but too naff so Duke it is after an album of theirs!!!! P will tell ya I'm a music buff !!!
Aw...hang it him Elvis after all he will be the King among your other animal friends.Or what about Presley ?????
Hope he likes piano.
Luv Kat xxxx

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

My daughter says.......Hairy Maclairy after the book we are reading !!!!!!!!!!!!! Doh !
What about Homer ????

acrossthepond said...

I have to say I like 'Button'

blueberry hill said...

I think Elvis would be fab for a Jack Russell.

How about Hector or Hamish?

Sew Recycled! said...

How about Harry? - Dont know why that came to my head, just look at him! Ahhh, cute!
I like hairy Maclary too, great book and he has some fab friends - Schnitzel Von Krumm, Bottomley Potts, Muffin McLay, Hercules Morse, Bitzer Maloney, Custard, Noodle and Barnacle B.

Have fun!

Pipany said...

He's goegeous Tracy; I LOVE the name Moss. Makes me think of forests straight away. xx

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Hi again Tracey,
My eldest son came up with some names for you. this is the dog star and the brightest star in the Northern hemisphere. this is where you used to live and Orson as he is reading Orson wells at school,
You must be having a real dilemma !!!!

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Tracy,

He looks like a Bugsy or Oliver.
And we all like Blue too, that's my Ben. He always reads you blog in between working lol he's a secret blogger lol and yours is his fav. hehe! Mr anonymous

Have a lovely weekend. I've posted your little parcel today.

Catherine x

saraeden said...

I like Dunton or maybe Dexter for a boy dog !!

Sara x

pebbledash said...

mmmm, he's gorgeous.....Hector, Harris, Haggis, McTavish....hope the girls aren't too put out! x

Jane said...

Dear Oh dear all this blogging has mushed up your head - you can't let him be named by bloggers . . .we don't know him, we've just seen photos.
He will pick his name, you will just sense whats right - that said Ghillie is good,

Anonymous said...

Amy's suggestions: Piper, Gracey, Mandy, Hannah, Bill, Treat, Bobby.

Straight off the top of her head, I'm afraid!!

Crystal xx

Katie twinkles said...


Curlew Country said...

My creative brain is back in bed havign been got up by the ittel man at 4am but there are some great suggestions here. My favouries woudl be, in no real order,
- Moss
- Hector
- Hamish
- Ghillie
- Fergus

All really good names! From Steph the cat woman (never had a dog) and ours are called Balf and Wednesday, so probably not a great idea to take any pointers from me!

Garden girl said...

Ooooh! So sweet! Vernon is a cool dog name. I like Harris, too, and my hubbie has suggested Doglet and Dogger. Hmm.We really are no help whatsoever!

Dragonfly said...

A Scottish name would be good for your new beginnings. I like Kitty's Jock and Fergus. I love it that you call him Puppers - our 2 are still Puppers to us, they both answer to it!

Jane said...

Your puppy is very cute, I like Ghillie best. Never had a dog but do like Hamish and Fergal too good luck with choosing a name.Jane x

Tracy's Mum said...

I agree with my niece, in as cute as!!! I like Ghillie to..two names would be great for such a handsome pup!
love to you all.xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey, how about gilly, after the Scottish lairds helper..quite apt..or is this the same as Ghillie, and im being stupid !!!

Barbara said...

I think you should get down to the library for a baby name book. No difference at all in naming a baby or a pet! A very important decision. Or you could just stay in and google. You can find out what the names mean too.
(I do like Harry though. We have a great book called Harry the Dirty Dog about a dog who doesn't want a bath so runs away - Brilliant! Harold? Eric? Arthur? William? I'll stop now)

Judex said...

I think you will find he will

answer to the name Milo, try it

and see, what ever you call him he

is going to be a very happy boy.

Poppy Black said...

I like Ghillie, Fergus, Fergal, Bracken, Bramble, Sid (although not vicious), Roy, Dougal and McDog (he might end up being Mick). I guess Weed would be fitting, as he will grow like one. For some reason Mr Houndy Hoo comes to mind, or maybe Wolfie (both names I call Miss Dog at times - although she is a Miss rather than Mr). The perfect name will just fit him when it appears. Elvis is not it. I can tell from New Zealand.

Rowan said...

Merlin perhaps? Though I like Ghillie too.

jules said...

hi tracey as he has blue eyes, I think you could name him Frank after Old blue eyes sinatra

jules xx

CAMILLA said...

I was going to say BLUE, but others have come up with name already. My daughter used to have a large Greyound named Blue.

Studio Christine said...

how about dougal??

doog for short?

flows nicely...tallulah, bean, doog!

=^..^= said...

My suggestion is Clive. Seems like "Clive" goes well with Bean & Talullah. Very proper, yet very naughty at the same time. And surely the girls will think he's very naughty, indeed.

Miles Away In France said...

Choosing a name is so difficult.

How about Rufus ?

Racheal x

Brenda said...

A bit late here, I haven't visited for a few days. But I really like Ghillie too, and Sirius, and all the Scottish sounding ones. I would also suggest McKenzie, Mack for short perhaps, and I like Wilkie too.

It sounds like a certain, extremely nice, wonderful, kind person of the female persuasion, might have been the one to name the beautiful whippets..... so can I suggest that Stephen names Puppers???!!!

Hugs to Bean, what an awful thing to happen, must have been a huge shock for you too. Hope you're all feeling a bit better now.