Wednesday, 30 January 2008

highs and lows......

needless to say we are besotted with the new chap........
he has filled our little stone cottage with the gorgeous smell of puppy breath, mad puppy moments and then instant sleep, toys scattered absolutely everywhere, and so much laughter x

the high of being owned by such a sweetness is however hinged with sadness, which is why i have not regaled you all with tales until now.

when we visited the pups and had the awful task of choosing just one from the bundle of cuteness, our pup did stand out as "our" pup, but as i have spoken of before, one other pup was quite insistent that we had chosen the wrong boy - he followed me around tempting me with his cuteness, and even went as far as beating up the chosen one and physically trying to remove the collar that identified puppers as ours xx

but we had made our choice and that was that
the other pup was then chosen by a lady who lived moments away from the breeder herself - perfect x
the pup was supposed to be collected on Tuesday but the new owner kept putting it off for various reasons
she finally agreed to collect pup on Saturday

sadly on Friday the pup was injured in rough puppy play - he had lost use of a back leg and was taken to the local vet - the outcome was nerve damage, which for such a young pup is not good :(

the lady was informed and promptly backed out of ownership - the breeder was understandably devastated that the pup was injured but planned on doing everything to heal the wee chap
she would then be the proud owner of another Deerhound!!

on Monday the pup died
the breeder had no idea that the situation was as serious as this - everyone is in shock - and we are left feeling blessed that it was not our boy, but also wondering what could have been.....

it has taken a little shine away from this week

but we have a most beautiful boy who has a fabulous life ahead of him x
and we intend on taking him back to the breeder for LOTS of puppy cuddles as soon as his vaccinations are complete xx

i guess some little souls are just not meant to be
run free little pup

thank you all for leaving a comment on our new addition - i have of course filled Ghillies little head with all the love - he feels very special!! for the rest of the households reaction????
it is a mixed bag!

talulla swings from mothering him to growling at him if he dares approach her bed, toys, or Bean.
she is improving - slowly - the poor girl is still producing milk for her imaginary pups, so is very confused

bean is coping in true Ninja style!!!
will not even look at him and then suddenly without warning throws herself at him wagging and barking
puppers just sits and looks confused......

the cats seemingly have not noticed - or if they have - they do not care

binks has sniffed puppers nose and declared him passable!

so that's us
all snuggled up in new stripey blankets

adjusting slowly to the whirlwind.......

and planning on enjoying every single moment of being able to pick him up for a cuddle......

back soon

t x


Kitty said...

Oh no. That's so sad about Ghillie's brother :-( I can quite understand your thoughts of 'what if?' and 'why?' Take care. x

mollycupcakes said...

Oh Tracy, don't beat yourself up about not choosing the other pup.
Ghillie was ment to be with you and the rest of the family.
Like you said sometimes life just has other plans for you and his wasn't ment to be.
But I bet he's bouncing around and chasing bunnies where ever he is now hehe.
I'm glad to hear Bean is recovering well and hope Talulla gets over problems very soon.
They will all be out running through the fields together soon.
My thoughts are with you honey. x
Catherine x

Pipany said...

Bless the little chap; such a sad story but don't let it darken your pleasure in Ghillie Tracy. Thinking of you xx

weebug said...

i am so sad to hear about the other pup, i've asked my beloved sabaka to keep him under his paw and show him the prime running grounds. love to all...

Raindrops to Rainbows said...

Puppy is gorgeous but its such a shame about the other one, everything happens for a reason though and it should just help you to appreciate your pup a little bit more.
Its funny what you said about the cats, i think cats can be abit snobbish at times so they probably took one look at the new arrival and thought 'well he aint getting no fuss from me'! My cat is adorable, and very dopey, but even she sometimes has her moments of snobbery! Animals are funny, thats probably why we love them so much though isnt it?!

Raindrops to Rainbows said...

Oh, and i forgot to say, i have left you an award so please visit my page to retrieve it!!!

Mrs. Fox said...

I alway wish I could take them all home. God Bless the little soul.

If you're like me it makes you coddle and cuddle your own darlings all the more.

driftwood said...

that's very sad, but Ghillie is lovely and will bring you lots of joy, and that stripey blanket is gorgeous!

Katie twinkles said...

That is all a bit sad...I don't know but using my OT head mayb that pup had a bit more than nerve damage originally..
I think it's probably a good thing that Ghillies doesn't know and prob just remembers the good times xx
Most upsetting, but makes Ghillies all the more Super x

julie said...

He's beautiful and is such a lucky boy to be living with you. I'm really glad Tallulah and Bean are taking his arrival in their stride.

Gigibird said...

Harry had a litter brother who broke a leg and died at the vets while under the aesthetic.... little puppies dying is so very sad.

Rubyred said...

It's so sad to hear about little puppies dying when they've only just come into the world.Sometimes it's just meant to be.Don't let it spoil your time with Ghillie though,he's just adorable!

French Knots said...

What sad news, poor little pup. Don't let it overshadow your joy at having Ghillie settling into his new home. x

Pear tree cottage! said...

Tracy, what a sad story you have told us, No you were ment to choose your little darling Ghillie it was this beautiful new family member who is to be part of your life forever. Some care nothing for their animal friends and it is a very saddened state of affairs when that happens.

I adored your photos and as it has been such a long time since I visited you I have been reading many back posts and enjoyed all the had to offer.

I will visit again very soon.
best wishes

Anonymous said...

thats really sad, another pup tried to choose me as its owner when we went to get our puppy, but my husband chose another and I am glad now as we love her to bits, I sometimes wonder about the other one, and how it would have turned out, it was not meant to be for some reason. enjoy your pup!

Andrea said...

Such sad news, like others have said, sometimes things are just not meant to be.
Your animals are soooo lucky to be living with you, they all look truely spoilt...but well cared for!!