Friday, 28 December 2007

a mixed up Christmas......

well it has been and gone......

Christmas 2007 was a strange one - we spent a large chunk of the actual day on the beach!
yep - Christmas day in the very North of Scotland arrived sunny and bright so we enjoyed time on the fine clean sand with the dogs chasing balls and admiring the stunning views x

we did not sit down for lunch until just after 3pm .......
by which time Talulla was exhausted!!

gift unwrapping was enjoyed by all members of the household

twigs pigs thought that perhaps the knitted mice were just a little too long haired!!!

bella was delighted with her pink mousie x

archie was pleased that his knitted mouse was fashioned with manly brown yarn with just a hint of pink for the ears

bracken guarded her mouse for most of the afternoon and has since stolen everyone else's.......
we are all too scared of her to argue
(just look at that face - would you challenge her!!!!)

and despite the fact that beanie had never spent a Christmas with us before - she took to the mass of gift unwrapping and chewing really well

many moments throughout the days over Christmas reminded me of Anne - we have been lucky enough to spend wonderful Christmases with our dearest friends - relaxed, happy, content, full of laughs, good food and games x
i am so thankful that this crazy, wonderful, head strong girl was my friend - i will always miss her and will no doubt be reminded of her many many times in the future - who would of thought that a box of After Eight mints would be so important!

in 1998 Stephen and i spent a month backpacking around Thailand - spending Christmas day travelling from one of the islands to a beach hut in Phuket -
i vividly remember calling home and hearing my family celebrating together, the pain in my chest i felt made me realise that i would never again be that far away from home on Christmas again
and even though we have not spent Christmas day with them since then, we generally always see them on Boxing day or a few days after
this year hearing them all - it transported me straight back to Thailand - that feeling of being so very, very far away - crazy!!!

next year will be different - our family and friends will all hopefully spend Christmas with us in our new home
lots of fun, food , family and friends - some may have to camp on the floors, but at least we will have underfloor heating......

i am starting to plan already
just wondering how to convince my Dad that Nut Roast is as nice as a Turkey.......

i hope that you all had a great time
i look forward to catching up with all your blogs as you gradually return from Christmas 2007

t x


driftwood said...

it's hard to be far from friends and family at Christmas, especially as you are missing one friend so much. I hope your lovely beach and all your furry friends made it a lovely day for you, that next year will be easier. you've got a year to convince your dad of the merits of an alternative Christmas dinner!

Kitty said...

That beach is simply stunning - no wonder you love it there so much. Just imagine, this time next year you might have your loved ones with you there.

I hope you and all your brood (including Stephen) have a wonderful New Year. x

Vintage to Victorian said...

What a beautiful seashore. And how fabulous to be able to enjoy it on Christmas Day.

I'm sure you missed Anne immensely. My best friend would have been 59 on Boxing Day, but she died in 1987 (we met in 1958). I have never bought, nor eaten, a Terry's Chocolate Orange since. She always bought a plain one for me and I always gave her the milk one. We always wrapped them and did the 'guess what this is' thing every year.

I'm so glad the girls had a fun day and I'm sure you'll all be looking forward to the opportunity to share Christmas once again with all your family.

Barbara said...

Lucky you to be able to enjoy the beach. In SW Scotland the weather has not been so kind!
Love the pics of your pets. Four cats? What great fun. Our pets too have been a great source of fun for us over the hols. Kitten has discovered how big it makes him feels to stomp over the Sylvanian Families house and garden and chew all the tiny accessories.

As a veggie myself I think everyone would prefer nut roast to turkey if they just gave it a try.

jules said...

hi there, sounds wonderful wandering along the beach, I'm sure Anne was in your thoughts and you in hers. Next year you will be able to surround yourself with friends and relatives in the new house and you will be running ragged making sure everything is just so and you will probably need that walk on the beach just to gather your thoughts. speak soon

love jules xx

ps the big freeze has finally broken and today it is 3 degrees!!

Pipany said...

Glad you had a good time Tracy and next year will be even better in your new home xx

Miles Away In France said...

I am also far from family and I know that feeling well.

I'm sure Annie was looking down on you knowing that you were thinking of her.

Racheal x

beeswax, said...

Hi Tracy, so nice to spend Christmas day on the beach with the family, what a great day for you, we had lovely weather here in Perth too,let us make the most of it!!!
your pets look like little darlings!
Is that a greyhound?, we fostered a greyhound on Xmas eve for my daughters vet surgery, she was a wee sweetie and didn't bother about my 2 yorkies or the cats.., loks like you have a great life up there, good luck for 2008, maybe you'll spend midnight on the beach too!!lol
Kath :)

mollycupcakes said...

What a wonderful Christmas, it was lovely to read about all the animals, enjoying their presents.
Is that the wool I sent? I'll pop the rest into the post in the new year honey. You make such lovely things with it. My mittins have been the best, thank you x
Can't wait to hear all about next years Christmas, it sounds like it will be just lovely.

Big hugs and a happy 2008 to you all x
Lots of love.

Catherine, Ben and the girls x

Suzie Sews said...

Christmas on a beach...sounds like a fairytale. I love the pictures...

Lucy Bloom said...

Hey, Christmas day on the beach, and not in Australia, what a great way to spend Christmas. I spent most of Christmas day in the kitchen (no dishwasher in this household), I think I managed to poke my head outside once during the day to take out the veggie peelings! Still, it was lovely. Hope you have a great New Year,
best wishes,
Lucy x

Katie twinkles said...

Nutroast Is as nice as Turkey. Maybe pretend it's got Turkey mince in it!!! See if he notices...

I mulled pomegranate, cranberry, red grape and orange juice with about a quarter bottle of red wine and NOBODY knew. Tee Hee Hee x

Rowan said...

Your Christmas sounds as though it was very pleasant in spite of being away from friends and family - having that wonderful beach on your doorstep must make up for a lot of the things you miss. Happy New Year!

julie said...

what a beautiful place to be on christmas morning. It looks like your animals all had a fun time, they are obviously all so loved. I hope that this year brings you all lots of joy and happiness as you get settled up there and that next christmas finds you surrounded by family and friends x

andsewtosleep said...

Sounds like my ideal Christmas. Beautful pictures. Happy New Year to you and good luck in your ventures

Curlew Country said...

What an amazing place to spend Christmas day! You all look like you had a great time, sure Anne would be really pleased for you to be in such a great place. Happy New Year Tracey hope its full of great things for you,.