Friday, 9 November 2007

reporting from Orkney..........

only kidding......

the wind was bad though
(thanks for the charcoal biscuit tip...... you know who you are!!!)

we can see the sea from our window, but yesterday it had magically disappeared - the wind was so strong that all we could see was the mist from the sea spray.
the house of stone took the full force of the storm and stood strong - but the loo shook!
i caught the postman hanging onto our gate post.

the girls had to be forced outside wearing jumpers, coats and lead weights around their paws.....

we awoke this morning and it looks as if nothing ever happened - the only evidence was the wheelie bin had been swept at full force in to the side of the landy leaving a patch of missing paint - in fact the sound of wailing when stephen found his beautiful landrover was wounded was my alarm call this morning

i am just relieved it was not the anglia
can you imagine a scar on a thing of such beauty?

now it is Friday evening and we are easing our way in to the weekend
dog walks, fawn making, posting of parcels....
nothing unusual
but all lovely

t x

who ate all the cake?


Monkee Maker said...

So glad that you survived the storm .... and that your beloved Anglia did too.

Sorry for Stephen's landy though .... just tell him it'll make it look more rugged ;)

marti said...

Thanks for reporting in, I am glad to hear you weathered the storm.

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

I thought of you when I heard the weather forecasts last night, now you've experienced your first stormy weather in Scotland. Good to hear everything is intact.

Nin said...

Whoa, sounds fierce. We had HORRENDOUS rain yesterday, but this morning it was like nothing had happened.

Hope the landy isn't too bruised...

Kitty said...

I'm nothing if not practical ;-)

We had some gustiness here too, and the sky went bonkers and tipped down for all of about 20 minutes ... of course just at the time when the kids were coming out of school so we all got soaked.

Sorry to hear about the landy :-(

Cottage Contessa said...

Happy to hear that you and your babies are A-ok. Poor landy though!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Katy said...

How is the weather up there now? It's so windy in Yorkshire, our cat won't even go I'd hate to think how blustery it'd be up there!!!!
Wrap those babies up warm!!!!!!!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Glad the storm didn't cause much damage!

A cake-eating kittie? =) We had a cat once who fancied brownies! And she was never the worse for wear whenever she would sneak a few bites (though we tried desperately not to let her get any).

Jane said...

Oh you need a few bashes on a landrover.
Our eldest cat loves Nan bread.
Glad you all survived

mummy said...

glad you are all ok.very windy here, my washing did'nt stand a chance,dad was on flood watch at Wivenhoe,but the storm had died down quite abit by the time it reached us. I always watch out for the weather where you are.i felt a little bit nearer to you last week,the fork lift driver from where i work was in wick last week ,it's his home and he has a son there,small world ha!! after thought,i should have cadged alift,mind you he talks alot.!!
ok my darlngs,love from grandad,he had cateracts done last week ,all went from me.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Glad you survived to tell the tale!