Thursday, 22 November 2007

crafty hound

today we had a little scare
talulla was under the weather from the moment she eventually dragged herself out of her bed - which was a good while after the rest of us
she refused tasty treats
she would not let bean lay near her
and she refused a walk

talulla has never refused a walk

i coped with the food refusal and the lay-in, but turning her nose up at the thought of a walk........

i panicked just a little as i had seen this before whilst working at the vets - she was a likely candidate for a pyo which is often fatal
i dragged her to the vets


she travelled home in the car looking gaily out of the window, ate a lunch topped with fresh chicken and then whinged because she had not been out for a walk

damn dog

i promised myself not to be caught out again
but i know it is just a matter of time......

the way i see it (looking back wisely) is that she could have just been worn out from all of the excitement yesterday

tasty treats from this lovely ladies two bee-yoo-tee-full girls xx
they had a great time unwrapping and then arguing over the contents!

but the happiest camper by far was twigs pigs x

t x


Suzie Sews said...

you know what they say about brown paper packages!!!
Suzie Sews

Love Honor Disobey said...

Has T been talking to Jake again? I thought the 'miserable-moany-old-hound' trick was exclusively his. They aren't dumb our dogs.

sick + scared mommy = treats

The problem is, you never know for sure if it's for real...and who wants to take a chance? Jake wins every time!

So glad she is ok.
Hugs xx

Rowan said...

Glad that it was all a false alarm with Tallulah and that all is well now. Love the picture of twigspigs in the box, all my cats have loved climbing into cardboard boxes too.

Samantha said...

Glad to hear that Tallulah is fine.

It's amazing isn't it, the fascination that cats have with cardboard boxes!

Kitty said...

Cats and cardboard boxes - a match made in heaven. Mine tries to cram herself into the tiniest boxes, even when we can all see she's never going to get more than her feet into them!

So glad Tallulah has perked up. Take care :-) x said...

Love to you all,and lot's of snuggly hug's.Glad to hear all is well,remind's me of all the little note's i have written for school,......!
still doing it!!!!!
Love Mummy.xxxxxxxxxx

Clare said...

Hi Tracy! Aaah, perhaps she just wanted to test your love - mind you, I can't see any animal relishing a trip to the vets, so perhaps she won't do it again!!

Twigspigs looks nice and cosy! We have a cat called Tilly whose name has also become Twigs or twigspig over the years!!!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Clare x