Thursday, 15 November 2007

the christmas tree walk

after an early morning spent packing up parcels , photographing new stock and a little toast and jam eating i decided to enjoy the November sunshine .........

we are spoilt here when it comes to choosing a dog walk
all the walks we have found so far we have given names
seal beach
cliff top walk
shell forest
Philip's castle walk

the list goes on......

but my walk of choice today was
the Christmas tree walk

a forest that offers a chance for the girls to be off their leads from the moment they leap out of the car to the moment they fall back in completely happy but exhausted

as far as the eye can see are hundreds of Christmas trees

from the very tiny

right up to the very big
and even one where you can put two fairies on top!

when we lived in Kent, every year i would drive poor Stephen loopy by having to have the right tree
he would stand for hours holding each tree up, driving from place to place, then having to squeeze the tree in to the car
once home he would then be subjected to my wails as it would hardly fit through the door of the cottage and had to be cut down to size......
ahhh - memories of Christmas past

this year we will be in our tiny rented cottage for Christmas so i guess we will have a tiny tree
next year however, we will be in our house with a vaulted ceiling
i plan on having a VERY tall tree x

on the way back from the walk i stopped to take a picture of the view i will have from my studio window...........
just so i could make myself go home and catch up on some work in order to pay for the studio with the great view

life treated me kindly today

t x


Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Oh how I wish I could have walked with you and the girls,it's just what I need right now.
I am sure your house will be perfect,there is a house with vaulted ceilings in the Nov Country Homes and interiors and it is just gorgeous,it's our dream to live somewhere more rural once the kids are older.
I wish you many happy hours of planning for your new home.
Best Wishes Kat xxxx

not so lil sis x said...

just a big thank you for my loverly gift, though i tended to release the birds (balcony in germany) I miss you so much but checking up on you in your blog makes me feel a bit better, and a wee bit jelous of the fantastic views you get to see everyday. cannot wait to visit and so does jordan, he looks alot bigger than the previous photo! Love to you all

Monkee Maker said...

Ok, be honest .... did you take that last shot showing the view from your future studio window just to make us jealous?

Good job - it worked!!


the vicious chicken said...

Heehee - I love the teeny tiny christmas tree :o) That's the sort I'd need for my teeny tiny flat... but I'd feel guilty about buying anything that size if it had been chopped down... too young to be uprooted, methinks.

That is why we tend to favour the christmas yukka plant (the same yukka plant as is in our living room all year but with important addition of baubles). It's almost as good as a proper chrissy tree, and it's a VERY good guard dog for protecting the pressies - it's so darn spiky that no-one can get near it!

Anyway, I'm rambling now. Suffice to say I'm glad you had a good day, and thanks for sharing the lovely pics :o)

dottie angel said...

what a view...

Kitty said...

As always - wonderful photographs.

Take care :-) x

Patti said...

Fantastic pictures. Little christmas trees can be lovely too.

Leave all the ones outside for your wonderful walks and have a baby inside to remind you of them, and to smell lovely.

I think I'm having to settle for a pretend tree this year. Not happy about it one bit.

mollycupcakes said...

Ben alsways goes off to get the Christmas, it's a man thing and he always comes back after hours of looking, with the right one.
The girls will be able to help me decorate it this year yeay! that will be fun.
What a view you'll have. Very beautiful and inspiring. You luck thing x
Catherine x

Jane said...

Here lots of people "acquire" trees from the forestry plantations late at night.
These poached trees are always lop sided as they are from commercial woods and planted close so that they grow straight - there is always a branchless side that has to be fitted into the corner.
I am glad that life is good today