Tuesday, 6 November 2007

cheat - who me?!

.....or the one where i accept that this man was right......

yes, yes i confess - i did cheat yesterday
i was having a sad Ann day so i thought i would cheat just a little on my post a day challenge and just pop on pictures of talulla as a very cute pup.

i apologies and will get back to business today.
i awoke after a restless night spent sleeping with one eye open (ever tried this - it's really hard...), as darling talulla removed her bandage more times than i care to remember.
now we have a wound that was almost healed - open and angry looking
bloody dog.

so - not a great start to the day.
to make it all better i nipped in to the nearest town as i had got wind of a new craft supply shop.
mission accomplished
felt and ribbons tucked under my arm as i skipped back to the car.
i was a little waylaid by the pitiful cry which i instantly recognised as the cry of a whippet - my eyes scanned the area and then i spotted the beast - tied up outside a shop!!
the sweetest fawn and white whippy puppy wailing its head off - my heart melted and i had to stop for a cuddle
if i wasn't such an upstanding member of the community and general goody - goody, i would have shoved that pup under lovely green coat and made a run for it.......

sadly i am a goody-goody
no new puppy to show you.

the main reason for my quest today was felt supplies (i was just wooed by the ribbon), i am just about to start making another of these.

sweet, sweet felt fawn
my only other felt fawn went here
by all accounts she is having a wonderful time...... even went in to school for show and tell xx

out of all the things i have made this little fawn was REALLY hard to part with.
she was time consuming and fiddly to make but i loved the final result
i offered her for sale as i thought no one would spend money on her, she was safe, and if an order did come in - why - by then i would have made more.
i had not.
so, with much heartache i packed and posted my little fawn, only comforted by the fact she was going to the nicest home.
and i have to admit that after she went i was kind of pleased that she was off on a little adventure with such nice people x

now - back to why i dashed out for felt....
i have an order for another fawn
it has been placed by someone i do not know
and it is a man
how do i know that fawn #2 will be cared for?
will she be kept out of the reach of careless adults, children and dogs?
the worry
the worry
but i must just get on with it and try to not become too attached.....

but just look at that face.........

other than the fawn trauma - i mean fawn order, i have to pack parcels, and take a certain lady back to the vets for yet another bandage change and stern telling off.
we were only there last night
thank goodness she is insured

oh - and most importantly
i have to go shopping for a certain little ladies birthday which is in a few days time

ssshhh - do not tell her
she will only get over excited.....

see you tomorrow where hopefully i will not be cheating .....

t x


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Those whippets have the sweetest faces (and personalities I am sure, too)! I think the closest we have to them over here are greyhounds (they too, are very sweet dogs... we had a neighbor who rescued/adopted two of them).

Is it your mum who has been posting comments on my photo blog ("Tracy's Mum")? If so, please give her a big hug and thank you from me. =) If not... I must continue to play detective...

marti said...

i don't think that sharing baby photos of your sweet pup is cheeting at all. after all, isn't a photo worth a thousand words?

Joanna said...

lovely puppy pictures of tualla i don't think that was cheating, hope her wound is healing well. I know what you mean about parting with things you have made

the flour loft said...

Oh Tracy,
i know what it is like to make something and feel attached to it.. our dolls are the same for us. Please don't worry as your sweet fawn is so so loved by a special little girl who has a deep sensitivity and appreciation for all things creative and handmade. Of all my girls softies she is my favourite and rest assured i keep a special eye on her. She is so delicate and beautifully made and all the more special, as you made her.
Please don't give yourself a hard time about posting each day.. a photo is not cheating at all especially when it's so cute. If you feel sad then you just sometimes need to go with it. Breast cancer is crap.. my friends are going through it and it's not looking good... feel so sad too.
Take care of yourself honey.

Philip Sinclair said...

Now I feel like a total bastard.



Philip Sinclair said...

In fact, I'm inconsolable.

Ooooh! Chocolate!


dottie angel said...

i feel like that all the time, when i make something...it was only because the house started to over flow that i begun to try and sell things..i worry if i sell it then i will forget what it looked like (and yes i know i can take a picture and look at it but somehow i still worry) and never beable to make it again...i am not suprised you have a 'fawn order' he is delightful (the fawn that is, not the orderer, who i am sure is quite delightful i just don't know him that is all) and so is tallulah even if she is giving you sleepless nights :)

right that really was just a load of old 'rambling on' if ever there was any...not your post my dear, my comment ;)


Hilda May said...

...there is a good side to having a doggy with a poor poor.....they sit there all forlorn and needy....so we have to oblige with lots of love and cuddles....not a hardship eh?

love the fawn

rachel x

Cottage Contessa said...

Tracy, I really look forward to your posts so much. Your humor just cracks me up! Such a pretty little fawn. I can understand your seperation anxiety.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Kitty said...

Awww, that fawn is a cutie. How on earth did you get stuffing into those teeny legs? :-O

Lovely blog post. x

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Tracy,
That fawn is very sweet and I'm sure the new one will be in safe hands and loved just as much as the first one.
Naughty Tualla leave that leg alone, you want to be all better for you're birthday. More get well kisses from the girls. xx
And a extra big hug from me.

Catherine x

mummy said...

soooo pleased to hear tallulah is on the mend,i know she is getting oodles of tlc.i have taken the day off,lisening to dusty springfield,makeing bread and spicey yog scones,heaven!!! i know i can't belive myself!!! love the cute pics. the cats are as surprised as me and won't leave me alone,bless. love to you all. mummy.xxxxxxxxxx

acrossthepond said...

I loved your writing in the sand. Where ever my sister travels in the world she writes in the sand a takes a photo of it and sends it to me. This started when she went to live in Florida. I love those sand messages and I also love your fawn. Well worth the effort!

Anonymous said...

A day of Tallula pictures is NEVER to be considered cheating!

Philip Sinclair said...

Ok, Ok! I'm sorry I said anything. God!


Tracy said...

there - young philip....
now you know not to mess with female bloggers!!!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Tracy, your fawns are lovely-I wouldn't want to part with them either!! How funny Philip posted a comment lol!!!
Have you seen the pattern for the felt Stanley dog in the new Kidston catalogue? It's beyond my skills, but it would be easy for you! Hope the weathers o.k., and send my love to the doggies xx

Jane said...

Your little fawn is lovely and so delicate, hope you survive the winds tonight. Talluha looks so sweet in her pictures hope she gets better soon.