Wednesday, 17 October 2007

i name thee.........

spanglemist xxxxxx

it really had to be
it just suits

would the winner of my giveaway kindly email me with details, and a parcel, minus spanglemist of course (she kinda likes it here!), will be popped in the post with love x

other than the excitement of actually having a startled creature called *spanglemist*, i have done very little else over the last few days.
a glorious walk in the woods yesterday - minus a coat - what is with this weather?
some knitting as i have become addicted to all things knitty, the sewing is most definitely coming in at second place at the moment. i just love how portable knitting is, the choice of amazing yarns, and the fact that my sweet boyfriend has actually requested a scarf x

you see, Stephen rarely takes any notice of what i am making.
he generally keeps his distance just in case the project is not going well........
i have been known to open windows and hurl sewing creations outside with great force and REALLY bad language.
but he did notice a skinny scarf i was quickly knitting to go with a new brown cord jacket (very Scottish looking - think windswept Brora catalogue)
and he asked if he could have one in a slightly more chunky, manly version.
how could i refuse?
i am knitting it in between the times that i am knitting a whole heap of fingerless mittens (soon to be for sale)
but i also have so many Christmas sewing projects that i must complete and upload before i miss Christmas altogether - where has this year gone???????

i also have grand plans to make my family gifts this year - each year i sit and carefully make, with great care and love, various items that then are sold and given to other folks loved ones.
i then end up buying, wrapping and giving mass produced presents, that are lovely, but not as nice as a thoughtful handmade item.
but the great thing this year is the fact that i have already started to gather gifts from other bloggers Etsy sites - the standard of work has simply blown me away, and has really made me think that next year i have to pull my socks up and concentrate on my work.

also taking me away from knitting is the first Christmas magazine.
yet again this year i leapt upon it, flicked through at great speed, then sat back with a cup of tea and had a good long look.
and to be honest - it is not a whole lot different from every other year.
same old wreaths, same old decorated houses.......
my heart sinks when i see all the items that are available from HUGE high street stores and how much press coverage they get
i think of how many thousands of doors will be adorned with exactly the same wreath.
and how many gifts will be given with SO MUCH BLOODY PACKAGING
same old stuff just photographed from a slightly different angle!
all they need to do is take a look at sites like Etsy and they could fill their pages with amazing items whilst giving smaller businesses much needed publicity

rant over

however, do not be put off - there were some nice things inside the mag, and i will of course buy it next year!!
and i know without a doubt it will be the first of many Christmas magazines that i will buy this year - but thanks for letting me have a good old moan x

also on the agenda

more stock to be added to the website with lots more on its way

i am waiting with bated breath for some beautiful ribbons - just not sure if i can actually part with any of them - although i have ordered rather a lot.......

beautiful handcrafted Christmas hearts - not made by me - but made by another craft worker here in the U.K

and advent candles from Cornwall

i think after all my hard work taking pictures, knitting and putting the washing out this morning, i deserve a nice bowl of soup and an episode of House.

but first i really must stop twiglet from eating *spanglemist*........

t x


Monkee Maker said...

Good choice, Spanglemist does suit!

Although I'm refusing to buy any christmas magazines yet, I have started picking up the supermarket gift ones .... sigh .... it only seems like five minutes since last christmas!

Happy Knitting :)

dottycookie said...

As soon as I saw the suggestion I knew you would have to choose "Spanglemist" - I mean, really, what else could she be called?!

Kitty said...

She is such a *Spanglemist* - perfect name. I haven't yet bought a Crimble magazine, but I have started thinking about how we shall 'do' the tree this year *blush*.
Take care :-) x

Clang Clang said...

Blimey, I can't start thinking about Christmas already, I am in a fever of Halloween and Bonfire Night which will have to abate first. I know what you mean about the knitting, I can't stop clicking x

Gigibird said...

I am fed up with magazines in general but particularly Country peddles the same old, same old

driftwood said...

naughty twiglet, spanglemist will have to come and live with me if she is danger!
according to my 6 year old son who sat in bed this morning counting on the calendar there are 69 days till christmas......

Joanna said...

Spanglemist is an excellent name for that little bunny.

Jane said...

The problem with Christmas magazines is that the glossies all shoot the photos in August - that means that they deal with companies that know exactly what they will be selling come Christmas by June or July. This is why the Christmas wreaths are so dull - I am still not in a position to make up Christmas wreaths - the foliage just isn't at the right stage - but if you use roses and eucalyptus, available all year, then you can mock one up mid summer.
I'm afraid that I am still in thrall to Country Living - though I do see its bad points - along with Gardens Illustrated I think it has the best photos.
I'm also feeling that I should be making more presents so that there isn't the last minute abandonment of principles that happens every year.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Spanglemist-what a perfect name!! I almost feel tempted to buy another cat and steal the name!! Only Tom would kill me...

Cottage Contessa said...

Poor Spanglemist, how did she fair after Twiglet's feast upon her? I like her name, it's.......dreamy. lol
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

mollycupcakes said...

Hi honey,
What a gorgeous name, it suits her so much. What a little cutie.
OOww mittens! I just love the ones you have made, can I order a pair please with the little heart buttons. Maybe in a very dark grey colour if you have it. Just let me know how much and where to send payment to.
Many thanks sweeite.
Catherine x