Saturday, 7 July 2007

the panic is coming........

picture the scene...........

a quiet morning spent packing, putting the washing on, feeding the troops......

sitting in my favourite old chair, pot of tea and toast by my side.........

turned and said to Archie cat "shall we see how phil and fern are this fine morning?"
(day time t.v programme)

reached across and switched on the box......

the ever smiling fern just happened to say good morning and mentioned the date......

and that is when it happened - right then.

Mr panic knocked very loudly at my door.


July is the month that i drag all my boxes and animals up North.
i am clearly not ready for it to be July.
i felt the colour draining from my face.....
i actually felt faint (and a little dramatic)
i could not finish my toast for crying out loud - the moment was that bad.

by the time Stephen came home from a breakfast meeting i was visibly shaking whilst wrapping copious amount of newspaper around any item that was standing still in the kitchen.

now..... when these moments of panic arise in this house which they do from time to time, i like to make the most of them
allow myself to be slightly hysterical
have mad unkempt hair
wild eyes
you know the look

what i do not want is Stephen ( the man who has packed nothing - not one item)
to say
what are you making a fuss about
it will all be fine
we have got 3 weeks before we go........
have you taken your rescue remedy?
are you aware that you look a bit odd this morning
can i have some toast

Mr panic just knocked louder.

i have to confess that my packing has become a little hit and miss
i do seem to have packed a pair of socks
just not a matching pair......

and it is horrid waking up every day to this mess

and seeing empty shelves

and remembering happy times in the kitchen with my sweet nephew eating lots and lots of cake

but through it all i keep telling myself how very lucky we are
that the house will be packed
that it will be clean and sparkling to welcome it's new owners
that the garden will be tamed and tidy and ready for it's new owners to enjoy

that the shop will be empty of stock
that i will have filled all the holes that i have made in the wall (too many to even think about)

heck there seems an awful lot still to do........

so to avoid Mr panic, we are off to the coast this afternoon

just to remind us of the view we will be waking up to each morning

that's if i can see the view past all the animals...........

t x


Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Ah you poor thing,
I had a slightly lesser version of this crazed panic when I realised I have two not three weeks to go until our family camping holiday (back to basics Ella loves it, aah rain please stop) plus I need to fill in my dreaded tax return :( before we go. I too had that strange look! Why do men never worry? My sympathy goes out to you, just think that in four weeks time you will be moved and starting your new adventure. Good luck, if only there was 30+ hours in the day, or we didn't need to sleep, we would be fine. Thanks for visiting my post, take care I will be back soon x Faye :)

Ragged Roses said...

You poor thing, you get to that stage when everything just looks like chaos and you're in the middle of it all. It will get done.. When we finally packed all our stuff up we were just about to leave the house and I realised that I'd packed the only pair of shoes I could get my feet into (Id broken two toes in the build up to moving) and had to madly start unpacking again!!! It will get done (honest!) and you will be on your way very soon and all will be wonderful! Have a good time on that beach.
Kim x

mollycupcakes said...

Oh honey, you'll get there before you know it. Te boxes will be packed and ready for the lorry, animals and hubby set and ready for the off and the shop all sorted, sold and clear. Just one step at a time and it will all come together.
Don't worry about those mad hair days lolwe all get them from time to time, we're aloud.

Try not to stress, just think of the lovely new home, studio and animals that await you.

Thinking of you, warm wishes.

Catherine x

janet clare said...

If you win my notebook and cover it will blook right at home amongst the heather in bonny Scotland! Thanks for the visit!

buttercup & roses said...

I went through exactly the same thing! We had about a week to pack up our house and my old shop, And of course my partner was so bloody calm while I was totally hysterical!! On moving day we were so behind that the people moving into our house got bored of waiting for us to go, so they ended up helping us load up our van!...I'm sure you'll be fine though,'hee,hee!'

Miles Away In France said...

Through the chaos you can still see how lovely your home is, I really love your style.
The new owners of your home are very lucky people and your new home in scotland is very lucky to be owned by you.
Racheal xx

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I know how you feel-slightly hysterical and strangely unable to tackle the chaos!! But you will get there-personally I always work better under pressure..... And the move will be so worth it! Keep your chin up (and the kettle on!!!) xx

Mom2fur said...

I think you are entitled to wear unmatched socks. I do it all the time and I don't have the excuse of being stressed about moving!
Don't will all fall into place and you'll do just fine. Everything always works out, doesn't it?

ancient one said...

Stress, Stress, Stress.... it too shall pass... In a few months after unpacking in the new place, all will be calm again. Just hang in there!!

Love Honor Disobey said...

Being a neat freak who craves order and freaks out in well as someone who has moved 17 times in 40 years...I can totally empathise with you Tracy.
Moving is totally stressful especially if you are moving faaar away. But things will be great in your new place and think how much fun you will have unpacking all your lovely things and finding places for them in your new home. Redecorating a new home is so fun!
love and hugs xxx
p.s. I see a doggy on the beach.

Jane said...

It will all get done, it always does, there is no alternative.

The panic is there precisely to make sure you stop eating toast and start packing boxes.

Odd socks are fine as long as they are the same length,


julie said...

I do feel for you, Mr Panic is such an unwelcome guest and always hangs around a lot longer than you'd like him to, making mischief and causing much anxiety. I'd set Tallulah and Bean on him, and drive him away. Hope everything comes together for you soon and Mr Panic buggers off!!

Tracy said...

I know the feeling but you are off to pastures new how exciting is that. It will all turn out just fine x

Liz said...

I sympathize. Moving is never easy, but that view your moving for is breathtaking.. totally worth it. I've been there though, and even after I thought everything was packed, I went back through the house for one last sweep and found old glass cleaner, random coat hangers, dirty paper towels strewn about... the cleaning had just begun. But once you get to that beach, you'll forget all about your trauma and Mr. Panic. Good luck.