Tuesday, 26 June 2007

birthday girl and a giveaway!

yep - today we are celebrating Talulla's 2nd birthday.
we have had this wonderful, sweet, funny grey dog in our life for 2 whole years.......
minus the 8 weeks that she was with her breeder x

we had booked our pup before she was even born and on Sunday morning Debbie phoned to let us know that mummy Fleur had given birth to 3 pups x
1 black
1 blue
1 fawn

i knew instantly, even before i had set eyes on her that the blue pup was meant to be ours.
the breeder emailed us lots of pictures from day one until we met the pups when they were 4 weeks old x
we travelled each and every Sunday to see the pups until we were able to bring our pup home, still not knowing for sure which pup would be ours!

our breeder was keeping one pup for showing and would not make the decision on which pup it would be until the final few days of week eight.
Talulla had shown no show qualities so we and the breeder thought that she would be ours.......

the day of the Crufts judge arrived and she picked out Talulla as a future show dog!!!!!
Debbie phoned the shop to say that the blue pup would be staying with her and that she was really sorry.......
my life fell apart as i suddenly realised how attached i was to her.

i left the shop and went home
i didn't even lock the doors or empty the till
amazingly it was all still there when Stephen went up 20 minutes later!!!!!

thankfully Debbie had a change of heart when she realised how upset i was and she sold us the blue pup xx

we were sooooo lucky and will never be able to thank Debbie enough.

so that is how Talulla came to be ours
and now she is 2 x

opening a present

Bracken eating birthday cake!

Talulla eating birthday cake x

cake and pressies

doggy chocolate bone and candles!

and to celebrate this very special day Talulla would like to arrange a giveaway!

one of her favourite things


just leave a comment on this post and we will draw a name out of the hat on Friday and the winner can choose either a little boy bunny or a little girl bunny!

They are not handmade but are super sweet x
and i am sure the parcel will contain other goodies as well!

this is a picture of the girls on the birthday walk looking for real bunnies!

and here is the birthday girl with one of her presents
a new bunny.

and in case you are worried
Bean was not forgotten and had presents and cake too xx

(she had never been to a birthday party before)

don't forget to enter the bunny giveaway!

t x


Annie's Abode said...

Hi Tracy,

Thank you so much for the comments on my blog - I will post some pictures of the boys soon.

Thank you for the info on Coast and I think I will subscribe - I envy your move to the sea as it will be sooner than mine. I will read about the move with interest.

I have been intending to place an order at your website as I have been covetting the milk carton for a while, and you have so many other lovely things too.

I will certainly let you know when they arrive - I love getting packages through the mail.

I hope the animals enjoyed their birthday tea. Give your doggies a hug for me - they are scrumptious x

Ann x

GigerVamp said...

Aww, Happy Birthday Talulla!

mollycupcakes said...

Happy 2nd birthday Talulla,
Looks like you all had a lovely day and everyone enjoyed your birthday cupcakes. A girl after my own heart, nothing makes me happier than a cupcake treat.
Molly and Daisy send you two big kisses for you nose X X and a belly rub.

Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Looks like Tallula had a wonderful birthday! Our little Sam's birthday is in just a couple of weeks and Princess had her birthday last week.

The cakes look very yummy! Happy, Happy Birthday Doggy Diva!

goosefairy said...

What wonderful animals you have. Happy birthday Talulla! The pic of her with her bunny is just too cute for words.

dottie angel said...

i have kept these pictures away from my children incase they realize that your lovely doggies and cat fair better than them when it comes to birthdays!! and i have most definatly not shown them to our 'used dog' whom we love dearly and came our way after being abandoned twice...how ever it bought a smile to my face and i send your Talulla a big sloppy happy birthday kiss...

Mom2fur said...

Happy Birthday, Tallulah! Aren't you a pretty birthday girl? I hope you enjoyed your awesome cupcake and your gifts!
I'm glad you got to come home with your 'mommy' because it sure sounds like you were meant to be together!

Rose Vintage said...

I'm so glad you got your girl in the end. Sounds like your animals have a lovely home and birthday cake is included! Wonderful!


Clare said...

Happy Birthday Talulla! She is such a pretty doggy. Cake looked scrummy - once we made my guinea pigs a 'cake' that had 'carrot trees' on the top! I think we were more taken with it than they were!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Tahulla - you cutie!

the flour loft said...

My gorgeous Springer Spaniel - Silas is 3 on July 6th and I too can clearly remember seeing him as a tiny puppy and falling immediately in love with him. He is the first dog I have ever had (although I constantly pleaded with my parents for a dog as a child) and I can't believe how much joy and love he gives to me. I love it when it's just me and him out for a walk together. An hour and 3 miles seem to go by in a flash - now when my two boys are with us it's a different matter! Happy birthday Talulla - you obviously give your Mummy joy and happiness too.
with love,

Liz said...

Isnt it just amazing how much joy a dog can bring? Happy Birthday Tallula.

sal said...

Happy Birthday Talulla - and what a lucky girl! The cakes are just so cute. It's Tiggy's birthday next month maybe I should make more of it - although she'll probably celebrate with another yummy dead mouse!

Hilda May said...

Hi Tracey
A friend of ours has a dog just like yours...a little boy called Storm and up until then I didn't think I liked that breed much...but he is the most gentle and gracious sole ever with such a smooth soft coat. We look forward to seeing him on the beach when the boys go surfing...which he really enjoys. It looks like Talulla had a brill birthday
Rachel X

buttercup & roses said...

Hi Tracey,
I've said it before and I'll say it again...Your doggies are gorgeous!
Reading your blog makes me realise how much I want a dog again. My dog always had a special birthday dinner party too.(glad I'm not the only mad one!hee,hee!)

Clare said...

Tallula..what a lucky dog you are, and what a beautiful cake!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! you share it with my daughter Martha who is a BIG 7 today !

keep up the good work...we love to read all your news x

Gemma said...

Happy Birthday Tallula!

I'm so glad to see that mine isn't the only family that celebrates the birthdays of the four legged family members!

Isobel said...

Hi Tracy!

happy Birthday to Talulla! She look so sweet opening her presents!
How cute!
I can imagine the amout of fun you all had. :)

Nonnie said...

Happy Birthday Talulla! I hope you have a lovely day.
Such a sweet story of how she came to be yours. A very special doggy indeed!

Victoria May Plum said...

How cute!
Happy birthday Talulla.
She looks like she had a very lovely day, eating cakes and looking for rabbits.
Victoria x

Samantha said...

What a lovely story - Happy Birthday Tallulah!


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and think I'll be a regular visitor, your animals are gorgeous!! Happy birthday Talullah!!

Ragged Roses said...

Happy birthday Tallula!!! She was meant to be yours! Glad you bought pressies for the others as well!
Kim x

Love Honor Disobey said...

This is a message from Jake The Dog:

Dear Tallula,
I am glad it is your birthday. I wish I was there having birthday fun with you. While you were eating cake, I was having a haircut and a flea treatment. Hmph, life is tough in dog city. Sending a kiss to your lovely velvet ears.

p.s. your cat has the hump again.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Oh!!! Such sweet photos!! I am just like you-my cats are part of the family, I miss them when we go away!!Looks like it was a very Happy Birthday!! P.S.I want that little cake!!!!

carolyn said...

Happy birthday Talulla it looks like you had a really wonderful day.

Chara Michele said...

Happy Birthday Talulla! She is such a cute birthday girl:) And she has a very good birthday date, it is just one day before mine! :)

claire said...

Happy birthday Tallulla,
I hope you enjoyed your birthday tea. It looked scrummy!

Love from

Bluebell. Oskar and Percy x x x

(the cats at Pixieland)

Miles Away In France said...

oh oh, yes please, enter me!

I will keep my fingers crossed.

So glad that the party went well and the girls enjoyed it.

Racheal x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy, Happy Birthday to your baby girl doggie. I enjoy your blog so much, esp. the lovely pics. Keep up the good work.

jen said...

Happy Birthday Talula! What wonderful pictures... they always are as the pups are so very wondermous.

blueberry hill said...

What a fab story about how Talullah came to be yours. Just meant to be.

Love the cake pics!

Annie x

Annie's Abode said...

Dear Tracy,

They have arrived and I am sooo pleased with it all. Thank you so much.

julie said...

Belated happy birthday Tallulah. What a beautiful and lucky girl you are to be so loved and treasured and what a lucky escape you had - you have a perfect life there, way better than being a showdog!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday.
My persian has just had her 14th party. Micha is a grand old lady. Don't we spoil our pets.
Great blog from Sara

Angel Jem said...

Happy Birthday, Tallulah! She looks lovely & I am sure will be loving you for years tocome!