Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Whilst completing yet more packing - when will it end.........
I came across an ottoman full of toys from my childhood. As i grew up in Germany and we moved around a lot due to my Father being in the forces, most of my toys were left in England at my Grandparents.

The sight of all those poor dolls today with grubby clothes due to being stored for so long made me feel a little guilty. So i have decided that i shall wash and clean and sew and make my toys as good as new!
Some are really past any help - chewed fingers, hair cut by me!!!!!

And some are toys that hold very little memories for me at all.
However this little lot below makes my heart soar every time i see it.
The record player was THE BEST - i can remember my friend from next door being ever so jealous!
And i simply loved the Wombles and the Magic Roundabout - although i do remember being in my early teens and my Grandparents desperately putting on yet another coat of paint over the Magic Roundabout wallpaper - in certain lights even now you can still see glimpses of all the characters faces!

All the memories made me realise how important toys are to us - and i am so pleased that i have been fussy over the toys that i have had for sale in my shop over the years.

This first china tea set is so sweet

And i always have at least two different wooden trains in stock.

And why purchase horrid plastic games when children can have such great wooden games?

But this set of Mice Skittles has to be one of my favourites - they are such beautiful colors xx

I really hope that all the toys that have passed through my shop will be loved and played with and treasured for so many years to come.

Off now to paint a bedroom floor - oh the glamour of my days!

T x


Ragged Roses said...

Wooden toys are great. It was good though to see your old toys too, the record player brought back memories and I did smile when you mentioned your doll's hair. Why do us girls all have to cut off our doll's hair? I was always getting in so much trouble as each new doll emerged from the bathroom with another cropped hairdo!
Good luck with painting!
Kim x

Picture it in Stitches said...

Hi. This is the first time I've posted on your blog and have to say that I absolutely love reading about your day to day life !!

I had a record player exactly the same as that - I wonder if it's still at my parents' house? Will have to go and have a rummage.

I hope you'll keep going with the blog when you move x

Samantha said...

I remember the record player! My sister used to have one.

Angel Jem said...

I love my old toys. I have a Sasha doll that my Mum and Dad got me when I was about 8. It must have cost a fortune then, and is still the most expensive thing I own, but she was residing in my parent's attic until a year ago. Finding her was a real burst of nostalgia. I try to get toys for my 3 that will carry the same memory blast later on, but not always in wood.... Lego doesn't exactly come biodegradable, but it just lasts so long I don't think it counts as disposable, either!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Your toys are fabulous! I still have many of my wooden toys and dolls from when I was a child. And we STILL have the same record player that you have shown! My children love it! I adore those little mice!!!

Jane said...

My best friend Lisa Allan used to have a record player just like that and you are right, I coveted it so much.
I have finally got the time to sort out the link on my side bar and have put you on - better late than never.

Knot Garden said...

I had that Magic Roundabout kaleidoscope. Nice to see it again:)

Nonnie said...

oh we had that record player too! I'd totally forgotten it. I wonder if my Mum and Dad still have it in their loft. That's where most of our old toys are. It's so lovely to treasure old toys. My nephew is now using things that used to be mine and my Sisters.

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Tracy,
I can't see an end in sight for the packing either! Where does all that stuff come from?
Painting floors? I'm cleaning carpets, but I feel that it would be so much easier if Pebble didn't 'help' quite so much.
I had the record player too, and Pebs has got mice skittles (they all have nibble marks on their heads!)
Keep going, you will unpacking it all soon.
Victoria x

Alison said...

Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog!
The Wombles! My Mum and Dad took me to Great Yarmouth to see The Wombles in concert and I danced with Orinoco in the aisle! It's such a vivid memory because my Dad went in his slippers having forgotton to pop his shoes on!

Primrose Hill said...

I remember that record player too, wow what a fab trip down memory lane! Hope the packing is going well - you'll be looking forward to the move, will you make it in time for the summer?
L xx

Jo said...

I still have my Magic Roundabout Kaleidoscope,my children have enjoyed it too. It's lovely to share toys across the generations with the memories they hold

Min said...

Hi, this really made me smile. I have a whole pile of childhood toys which I am gradually passing on to my kids.

The bit that reallt struck a cord was your love for the Wombles. I found a tape recently and play it "for the kids". They have no idea who the Wombles are and don't particularly like it but it makes me happy, especially "minueto all egreto".

Love your blog