Friday, 9 February 2007

WARNING - dog seen wearing pajamas!!!!

Just too cute xxx

When we collected Bean she was so thin due to the fact that she was a racing Whippet and they keep racing dogs to a certain weight, that she has really been feeling the cold.
She wears a jumper and coat when we are out and about until she has warmed up on a walk - then she runs naked!
But in the house she was often seen shivering - now we live in a old house but we do have
1. central heating
2. open fire
3. an Aga
And she still shivers ..... so we have brought her p.j's and she is much happier xx
But still has to be tucked up at nap time x
It really has been cold - we had snow here in Kent for one day - yep - woke up this morning and it has all gone!!
So after our snowy walk yesterday we all came home and spent the afternoon in front of the fire.
I was feeling lazy but did manage to run up some lavender hearts for the shop - but i have to confess that i sat and watched the whole second series of Cold Feet...
Yikes - six whole episodes!!!!!
No housework was done, the supper remained uncooked but i had a great day!!!
I did manage to open and sort some lovely Vintage buttons that i have just brought....

So the day was not a complete waste!!!
And here they are - the Cold Feet guys - i watched it first time round on T.V and it has been so nice seeing it again.
Only 3 more series to watch - best get some cake and biscuits in ........


julie said...

Definitely the dogs pyjamas! Bean looks so cosy. Sounds like you had a perfect day!

carolyn said...

Bean looks adorable in her PJs, your whippets have the sweetest way of sleeping!

Clare said...

Oh, at first I smiled and then I almost cried - such lovely photos, Bean is a sweetie! I love Cold Feet too, brilliant series - what a great way to chill out!

Yes, he is a lurcher by the way - and as soft as anything!

Thank you for your really lovely comments on my blog - have a great weekend!

Clare x

claire said...

Bean looks gorgeous in her PJ's -so cuddly!

Nonnie said...

Bean looks so cute in her pj's. Sounds like you had a perfect day.

Deb said...

What adorable pics! I love Bean's pj's.