Monday, 29 January 2007

Meet Clara and Bean xx

So much has happened since we last spoke......
Firstly please say hello to Clara xxx

She is the first of my new Spring Bunnies. There will be others, there has to be, i have promised Clara that she will not be an only bunny!!!

Shes is all handmade with great love and care, with a sweet hand embroidered face and the prettiest Spring frock complete with tiny heart buttons xx

She stands at a very respectable 23 cm (ish) and is full of sweet smelling Lavender. Of course future bunnies can be stuffed without Lavender!!
Here is a close-up - just look at that smile!!!!
Clara, and friends will be over at my shop (probably enjoying a tea party!) very soon - why not hop over and take a peek x

But the biggest most exciting news is the arrival of a friend for Talulla xxxxx
I know, i know this blog is turning into Whippet blog heaven - but i just love em!!!!!

Please meet Bean xxxx
She has come all the way from Bristol where she was very loved by her owners but unfortunately bullied by there older dog.
So she is here with us on a trial week to see if we could be her new forever home xxx
As you can imagine she is a little scared and confused - but she is soooooo sweet and i fear that she has already stolen my heart.
Talulla agrees with me - she has not stopped wagging since Bean climbed into the back of our car yesterday!!!!

Anyway - enough doggy talk......... off to make more bunnies xx
See you tomorrow.


Twinkle Pink said...

Aahhh! first of all I love the bunny and the ears off to the side like that, she's sooo cute. But Bean wins the heart strings of the evening, look at those eyes. Bless!

Best wishes Ginny

Nonnie said...

Oh, little Bean is gorgeous. I can see why she has already stolen your heart. I really hope she settles in with you. I'm sure she will. She's probably just a little confused.
Clara is also adorable. I look forward to seeing the others.

Gigibird said...

Harry sends his doggy love to Bean.
I do hope she settles and has a lovely long life with you.

julie said...

Lovely Clara - she's so pretty in her beautiful spring dress and with the cutest face. I hope Bean settles with you, what a sweetie!

Deb said...

The only thing better than one dog is two! What a precious little Bean. Congratulations.

Claudette said...

Please, please, please, please keep Bean. You obviously seem a true animal lover. Someone who dotes on dogs and lavishes love and attention on them. Please.
Best wishes, Claudette
Proud mummy of Alfie the cheekiest cocker in west London

carolyn said...

Beautiful Bunny but oh Bean is enough to steal anyones heart, I do hope she settles in so that she can live with you forever.

Samantha said...

What a delightful name. Bean! Oh I do hope you get to have her forever.

Jill said...

Oh my! A lavender filled bunny and a beautiful puppy gog! Who could ask for more?
Enjoy your blog.
Come and visit sometime.

claire Maraldo said...

Bean is so sweet. Hope she settles well with you and your other pets.

Clare said...

Clara is very sweet - but Bean is even sweeter! Hope you keep her!