Friday, 5 January 2007

Let the cooking begin!

What could be nicer on a wet January day than coming home to prepare a warm hearty meal in these new pans!

I stock them in my shop and i have been panicking every time one is sold, wrapped in tissue and sent off to its new home - so i finally gave in to my longings and brought some home.

Having a shop is both a wonderful joy and a hideous drain on your energies.
I have had mine for a little over 3 years and i have truly loved meeting so many new people that have become wonderful friends, but i am also totally worn out!!!!

Our forthcoming move to Scotland will signal the end of my life as a shop-keeper and i am secretly glad - no more late nights re-stocking displays, worry over rent and rates and overwhelming tiredness. Instead i will stay at home in my warm new house overlooking the sea, knit, sew, walk on the beach, take care of my animals, talk to all you lovely folk in blog land - oh - and run my shop website!!
What can i say - having a shop is part of who i am - even if it is a shop run from an outbuilding on the North East Coast of Scotland!!
Once a shop-keeper, always a shop-keeper xx

Hope you all have a great Saturday - mine will be spent working in the shop - another thing to look forward to in Scotland - no work on a Saturday - BLISS!


Ali said...

I have the little pink milk pan and it's great! Enjoy your very own ones.

If I had a shop selling such great stuff I would bankrupt myself by taking the stock home all the time

Joanna said...

They look to good to use and get dirty. Bet they look lovely on an aga.

julie said...

I love the colours - they look great altogether. Echoing what Ali said I'd be a useless shopkeeper, I'd end up keeping all my own stock. You obviously have a great eye - I love so many of the things that you sell and your dresser in the last post looks fab and all ready for spring.

Clare said...

The wonderful thing about online shops is that everyone can visit them! Clare x

little lovelies said...

Mmmm, your new home sounds so beautiful and cozy! And your pots are quite lovely.

Nonnie said...

I've been longing for some of those pots myself having seen them various places. Don't blame you bringing some home with you!
Your new life in Scotland sounds like it's going to be wonderful. Looking forward to hearing all about it once you make the move.