Sunday, 3 December 2006

We have enjoyed a very windy dog walk along the seafront today as my beautiful family came to visit. It is so nice to have lunch out and a brisk walk after a long week in my shop, although this week i have managed to make some garlands for my shop. It is so lovely to sit and create and i am so looking forward to being able to do this everyday when we move. I have attached a picture of the lovely fishing boats and also a picture of one of the garlands i have made. Oh - almost forgot the most exciting find of the day!!! We visited a lovely shop that i have been into and enjoyed on lots of occasions before, but today they had a rail of the most wonderful skirts made from Vintage fabrics complete with a hem of gorgeous netting peeping out on the bottom. Tragically they did not have my size in the fabric i wanted but they are going to order me one - Hurrah!!!
I will of course post a picture as soon as i collect it.
Have a good week
Tracy x

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