Tuesday, 12 December 2006

I am an Apple Box Addict!!!!

These Apple Boxes have become such an important part of my adult life - i found them at a local farm many years ago before they became trendy and certain London shops started selling them for £35 each!!!!!
They have been used for so much - storing Kindling and Logs, holding muddy wellies, shelving, transporting stock to and from fairs, cat beds, and now for the most wonderful thing of all..... delivering beautifully wrapped Christmas presents and a fab box that acts as the perfect hamper for my Grandad containing lots of local food and wine.
I can honestly say that i do not know what i would do without them.
Such simple things can be so beautiful............

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Cherry Menlove said...

Oh you are so right. I love apple boxes. And I am appalled that they are so expensive now. It annoying when something so wonderful becomes 'trendy'. Bleugh. xx